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Expose New Generations to Future Historic Events

Recently there was much ado about a new group of astronauts being flown to the International Space Station.  Since manned space flights from the western hemisphere have been on hiatus for more than a decade now, most manned launches have been from Russia.  My young children are fascinated by astronomy and spaceflight, and their interest isn’t satisfied by just seeing science fiction films and stories from the Star Wars franchise.  So as a treat for their excellent performance in middle school I wanted to give them a special present.


That’s why I scheduled a trip overseas to where they could watch a manned space launch.  Once manned space launches were such a major event that folks would come from miles around to watch.  My family would make the trip to Florida, with Expedia arranging for air travel arrangements, hotel stay and car rental.  We’d go to the Cape to see our fellow citizens launched into the vast reaches of space.  But these events soon took place so regularly that we began taking them for granted.  Their historic meaning along with the magnitude of the impact they had upon both our economy and society wasn’t recognized; I guess we were too close to them physically and in time span.  Only after years did we understand we’d been witnessing the modern equivalent of ships setting out to sea to explore unknown countries and discover uncharted paths, places and civilizations.  By then it was too late to observe their departure and record them in our minds to pass on to future generations.


I wanted my children to see and record these historic events in their minds so they can share them with future generations.  I made travel arrangements using Groupon coupons and promo codes with Expedia to take my family on a trip from home to Moscow, and then to Kazakhstan to watch a manned space launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome there, the world’s first and largest operational space launch facility.  They’ll also get to experience a different culture, and learn about life in places here on our own Earth.  This experience will encourage their interest in science and technology while exposing them to new cultures and history.  And they’ll have the chance to watch as their fellow man leaves Earth to take his steps towards a new place in the universe.

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