Consider using smartphone in your students lives and checkout Samsung for great smartphones.

According to a 2017 Pew Research study 77% of Americans own a smartphone. A growing number of that includes young adults. With the growing trend of app use and social media students are getting encouraged to get the latest smartphones.

Why use smartphone for school purposes?

Smartphones can help students engage and extend their learning outside school.

Using a smartphone helps students get inspired, unfold their creativity and keep them motivated.

When students use their smartphones they engage more in their learning and are less to get distracted.

A smartphone can help students scan QR codes and access texts, websites and videos. They can go on a scavenger hunt online and find anything they need or are curious about.

Students can also learn new vocabulary words and the way they are used on a sentence to use on their everyday life.

Students can continue learning beyond their history book by going on journals and podcasts. They can find great articles on the Cold War or brush up their Spanish. They can do this at anytime whether in the bus or spare time.

So, after all a smartphone might not be that big of a distraction and could actually benefit students.

Visit Samsung for great smartphones and browse for great smartphones for students.

Upgrade to something practical and affordable. Consider Galaxy J3 16 GB (Unlocked). Enjoy the full picture in a bright 5.0” HD AMOLED screen display. Get 16GB of built-in memory and an expandable memory of up to 128G with a microSD card. Go Easy Mode to find your favorite apps and icons at an ease. Battery has a life of up to 22 hours, so no need to recharge often. Galaxy has a powered Quad A7 processor running on Android 6.0.1.


Keep it accessible and easy doing more. Consider Galaxy S7 32GB. Galaxy S7 fits your lifestyle, goes wherever you go and keeps you connected. In case your drop your phone in water don’t worry it is waterproof. The camera takes more focused and detailed photos with less blur. No need to delete that great selfie because you are running out of memory just add an additional 256GB with a microSD card. Enjoy a longer battery life with built-in wireless charging. Easy to multitask with the multiscreen window feature.

A phone that will never let you down.


Go for more productivity and reliability. Consider Note8 64G (Unlocked). You can express yourself and write out your ideas on the screen with a pen. Get photographer-like images and shoot DSLR. Dual camera with 2x optical zoom, low light capture and live focus. Have more control of your images and enjoy no blur. App Pair lets you have two apps side by side on the Infinity display. Get the big picture in a larger screen without holding the phone. Don’t miss any detail, the Super AMOLED display gives you cinema quality screen. If you forget your laptop no worries you have your Galaxy. You’ll be hooked on your phone the minute you get it.

Enhance your students learning with a Samsung smartphone.

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